Grenada Guide: Best Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches

Grenada is the name of the island country located in the Carribean Sea and also the name of the main island that is part of this island country. The Grenada Airport is situated very close to the capital city of St. George’s and a lot of tourists visit the island yearly.

st george grenada

St. George’s, Grenada | Image Source: Gogrenada

In fact, tourism is the main source of economy for Grenada and the beautiful island definitely has a lot to offer to its tourists, such as waterfalls, lakes, beautiful beaches or historic forts.

Best Hotels and Resorts

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Spice Island Beach Resort hotel

Spice Island Beach Resort hotel, Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

Grenada, the beautiful island that is part of the island country with the same name, is a wonderful place where you can enjoy amazing landscapes of untouched nature.

There are also several interesting locations that have important historical backgrounds. Grenada is surely going to offer you an amazing experience and a taste of the warm and wonderful Caribbean atmosphere.

Seven Sister Falls

Seven Sister Waterfalls

7 Waterfalls | Image Source: Wikipedia

This is an amazing waterfall located in Grenada, in Grand Etang National Park, and you can get there by hiking but the view will be entirely worth it.

Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate

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If you’ve never seen how a cocoa plantation looks like, here you will get the chance to see one that has been functioning since the 17th century. The cocoa grown there is entirely organic and it’s going to be very interesting to see where the finest dark chocolate in the world is produced.

Grande Anse Beach

Grande Anse Beach

Grande Anse Beach in St. George | Image Source: Wikipedia

The most famous and beautiful beach in Grenada, Grane Anse offers tourists one of the finest white sands in the world and an amazing view over the Caribbean Sea. There, you can also take part in water sports and activities, scuba diving being the most popular one.

Underwater Sculptures

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park | Image Source: Under waters culpture

Located in Moliniere Bay, St. George’s, these sculptures are part of a contemporary art project and they can be seen only if you go under water by scuba diving or just snorkeling. Except seeing the beautiful creatures of the water, you will also feel like you’re in an art museum, but below water level.

Bars and Restaurants

If you’re in Grenada, you are able to choose between many great restaurants with excellent service that offer clients dishes from the local cuisine as well as the International one. Here are some of the bars and restaurants that are the most popular in Grenada:

  • Bash Restaurant by Mark B. – The menu of this restaurant is mainly based on the local spices and the dishes are very creative, being made by the british chef Mark Banthrope.
  • The Heights Cafe and Bar – This is a great place where you can eat together with your family, the meals being part of the Caribbean, as well as the European cuisine.
  • The Beach House Restaurant – Here you can indulge yourself in the tastes of seasonal Caribbean food that is very fresh and it is served in a very elegant and luxurious environment that you are definitely going to enjoy.
  • BB’s Crabback – A lovely place where you are able to enjoy delicious dishes from the local cusine together with your family and friends. The location is wonderful, being right next to the beautiful Carribean Sea.

Grenada Carnivals

grenada carnival

Grenada Carnival Celebrations | Image Source: Oursurprisingworld

  • Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival
  • Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival
  • Carriacou Carnival
  • Grenada Drum Festival
  • Grenada Carnival/Spice Mas
  • Carriacou Parang Festival